[OSRM-talk] Current server requirements for planet

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jul 5 18:30:41 UTC 2017


On 07/05/2017 01:48 PM, Kieran Caplice wrote:
> What are the current recommended RAM+disk requirements for running an
> OSRM planet server?

With the latest OSRM, you can run a planet-wide car routing graph in
just under 64 GB, but I guess in half a year or so the OSM data will
have grown to bring you over the 64 GB (not taking into account any
potential changes in the software which might move RAM usage either way).

Bicycle or foot routing graphs take more RAM.

The preparation of the routing graph also takes more RAM than the
serving. Depends on how often you want to update your routing data. If
something like 1x/month is sufficient then you can just fire up a beefy
Amazon machine for a day to generate a new graph and copy that over to
your machine. If you want to compute the routing graph *on* the machine
where you do the routing, you should aim for nothing less than 144 GB of

Also if it is important for you to switch to a new data version without
a production interruption of a few minutes, you need enough RAM to hold
the routing graph twice.


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