[OSRM-talk] Released OSRM 5.13

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Wed Nov 1 13:53:22 UTC 2017


This release has some exciting new features: We know have relation
support in the lua profiles, and support using location dependent
data. In addition to that we deprecated CoreCH, since MLD is superior.

  - Changes from 5.12:
    - Profile:
      - Append cardinal directions from route relations to ref fields
to improve instructions; off by default see
      - Support of `distance` weight in foot and bicycle profiles
      - Support of relations processing
      - Added `way:get_location_tag(key)` method to get
location-dependent tags
      - Added `forward_ref` and `backward_ref` support
      - Left-side driving mode is specified by a local Boolean flag
`is_left_hand_driving` in `ExtractionWay` and `ExtractionTurn`
      - Support literal values for maxspeeds in NO, PL and ZA
    - Infrastructure:
      - Lua 5.1 support is removed due to lack of support in sol2
      - Fixed pkg-config version of OSRM
      - Removed `.osrm.core` file since CoreCH is deprecated now.
    - Tools:
      - Because of boost/program_options#32 with boost 1.65+ we needed
to change the behavior of the following flags to not accept
`={true|false}` anymore:
        - `--use-locations-cache=false` becomes `--disable-location-cache`
        - `--parse-conditional-restrictions=true` becomes
        - The deprecated options `--use-level-cache` and
    - Bugfixes:
      - Fixed #4348: Some cases of sliproads pre-processing were broken
      - Fixed #4331: Correctly compute left/right modifiers of forks
in case the fork is curved.
      - Fixed #4472: Correctly count the number of lanes using the
delimter in `turn:lanes` tag.
      - Fixed #4214: Multiple runs of `osrm-partition` lead to crash.
      - Fixed #4348: Fix assorted problems around slip roads.
      - Fixed #4420: A bug that would result in unnecessary
instructions, due to problems in suffix/prefix detection
    - Algorithm
      - Deprecate CoreCH functionality. Usage of CoreCH specific
options will fall back to using CH with core_factor of 1.0
      - MLD uses a unidirectional Dijkstra for 1-to-N and N-to-1
matrices which yields speedup.


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