[OSRM-talk] Determining which concrete version of OSRM 5.x deployed

Sayer, Bryan BSayer at s-3.com
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I have been wondering the same thing. One of the benefits of OSRM is that it can be used in a secure environment without web access. This makes it wonderful for research purposes. However, we need a way to document what we do. This includes being able to cite the version of the software and also the maps.

I suggest that this capability be added in some fashion - echoing the current version of OSRM and the maps.

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Hi Kirill,

  No, there is no OSRM HTTP API that will return the version number - your client will need to tell you what they installed.


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Hello everyone!

Our client deployed OSRM 5.x on its production server and now we are creating demo-server for test purposes where we would like to have the same versions of all software. The problem is that we can't determine which concrete version of OSRM deployed (client doesn't remember too). Is there any way to find it out? May be OSRM have some undocumented API endpoint which return current version or some config file in installation folder (Windows) contains version number?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Best regards,

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