[OSRM-talk] OSRM 5.11 Profile, setting range

Frank Durstewitz info at thannworker.de
Sat Sep 16 15:32:39 UTC 2017


I try to work on a custom profile (by distance: weight_name = 
'distance') based on car.lua from 5.11, which can use highway:track as a 
"last mile" for delivery, if no other possibility exists.



The target is only reachable via a track (grade 1 or 2).

I already added "track" to the restricted_highway_whitelist and set the 
speed to 5. But setting the speed is not the correct way, as i 
understood, i should set a rate for tracks?

To be clear: Tracks should on be used as last resort, if no other 
possibility exists to reach a destination.

But where and how? Any example for that? I cannot find any hint how to 
set that.


Kindly regards, Frank

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