[OSRM-talk] OSRM v5.19 Release

Kajari Ghosh ghoshkaj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 18:27:07 UTC 2018


We just released OSRM v5.19 focusing on node optimizations and some
improvements to the profiles.

### Node Optimizations:
We can now send much larger responses and optionally transform them more
quickly when translating from C++ to JSON.

### Lua Profiles:
We now blacklist barriers where we were previously whitelisting them in the
foot and bicycle profiles. This allows the list to be much shorter (we
don't have to explicitly add whitelist every barrier) and makes it far less
prone to errors. We also now handle maxlength and maxweight for cars!

### Here is the complete Changelog:

Changes from 5.18.0 to 5.19.0:
    - Optimizations:
      - CHANGED: Use Grisu2 for serializing floating point numbers. [#5188](
      - ADDED: Node bindings can return pre-rendered JSON buffer. [#5189](
    - Profiles:
      - CHANGED: Bicycle profile now blacklists barriers instead of
whitelisting them [#5076
      - CHANGED: Foot profile now blacklists barriers instead of
whitelisting them [#5077
      - CHANGED: Support maxlength and maxweight in car profile [#5101](
    - Bugfixes:
      - FIXED: collapsing of ExitRoundabout instructions [#5114](
    - Misc:
      - CHANGED: Support up to 512 named shared memory regions [#5185](

You can compile OSRM from source, use the pre-built binaries we ship with
node-osrm or use our Docker images. Always happy to hear your feedback! 😁

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