[OSRM-talk] Boosting Match Service Performance

Michael Janson MJanson at srfconsulting.com
Mon Jun 3 16:10:29 UTC 2019


I'm running a local docker instance of OSRM backend and using the Match service to route a large number of trips (millions) with tracepoints.  I'm trying to speed up the process and looking for recommendations on ways to improve speed.  Currently, I can route between 10-20 trips/second, however, at this speed it will still take > 10 days to route all trips.  The server running OSRM-backend doesn't appear to be taxed (CPU or memory), so I'm not sure that boosting either of those will help.  I've considered running multiple instances of OSRM-backend, but wondering if there are other recommendations.

A few additional details about my request:

Using /match/v1/driving
Requesting geojson
Passing timestamps and radii for tracepoints
Average of 50 tracepoints per trip

I'm primarily concerned with getting the OSM nodes from the route, but have requested the overview geometry for comparison.

I appreciate any suggestions and am happy to answer additional questions about my use case.

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