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Anjula Paulus anjula.2016350 at iit.ac.lk
Thu Oct 29 09:27:42 UTC 2020

My final idea is based on routing in road networks using reinforcement
learning to provide the best optimised route from a starting point to a
given destination.
This is based on the *Shortest Route Problem. *
The reinforcement agent is able to adapt in performing a high number of
iterations with their dynamically changing environment. This would be
beneficial when it comes to a dynamic road network which has updates on
edge weights based on traffic data etc. This is not the same with path
finding algorithms like dijkstra and A* algorithms which traverse the graph
each time a request is made.

*Second Assumption*
A novel graph preprocessing technique which could use  time dependent
contraction hierarchies with a customizable approach. This could help in
storing edge weights for a relevant time frame as well as update edge
weights based on abnormal weight changes due to blocks due to weather etc.
Where only edge weights will be updated due to unexpected scenarios
different from previous traffic data.

Please help by providing your valuable input on where these steps would
help in improving routing than using traditional algorithms and techniques.
This would really help me for my final year project.

Thank you in advance!

*Anjula Paulus*

*Informatics Institute of Technology*

*Sri Lanka*

*Mobile    : +94 718136264/ +94 761514355                          *

*Email      : anjula.2016350 at iit.ac.lk <anjula.2016350 at iit.ac.lk>*
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