[Party] numbers of mappers, and food

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 14:50:14 BST 2007


The others have given some good feedback. The key seems to be to get a good
logical venue that ideally has internet access. The centre of the city will
help bring in new interest if its publicised well. You almost need a local
hook onto something else to get that to happen though.

It's likely that hard core OSM'ers will come along if the weekend is
offering a high level of social interaction. If it looks cool then it will
draw people in.

Get lots of stuff onto the wiki and make it appear more joined up from the
outset (even if lots is up in the air). If the initial proposals look good
OSM'ers will be tempted to add their names to joining you.

Food isn't a big issue. Decide early on where the pub is. Also if you can
identify logical cheap accommodation where more than one can stay. We had 5
OSM'er camping at the same campsite in the lakes last Saturday and this
helps build the community spirit.

For the day venue as well as tea/coffee its important that it has somewhere
to chat uninterrupted, tea and coffee available (ideally for free) and

If you have decided the mapping focus draw up a "cake" as soon as possible
so that others can see what the aim is for the weekend. Everyone will do
their own thing but having focus seems to help things along.



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk 

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>I'm planning on doing a mapping weekend for Leeds for Septemeber - and
>am looking for suitable venues - in your experience, how many people
>turn up to past mapping parties?
>I'm estimating 10-20?
>Which leads me to another question - food.
>What types, amount and kind of food do you arrange? Tea, coffee for
>the morning and sarnies for lunch?
>Do you get someone (the venue?) to sponsor the food, or do people
>generally buy their own?
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