[Potlatch-dev] Potlatch2 in the OSM environment

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Sun Nov 28 20:42:12 GMT 2010

The code for choosing which editor that you want to use when going via the osm.org site is in progress, and will be pushed to production when it is ready in the near future.


On 28 Nov 2010, at 19:41, Otto Wyss wrote:

> So far I'd like to work more with Potlatch2 yet it's cumbersom to use it for small tasks. E.g. Keepright does link directly to Josm and Potlatch but not to Potlatch2. I don't know if this is hard coded or if it would be possible to switch between Potlatch and Potlatch2 maybe via a cookie. I'd prefer do be able to switch anywhere or nowhere.
> Wyo
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