[Potlatch-dev] GPX time elements

Craig Stanton c.stanton at niwa.co.nz
Tue Oct 12 22:32:54 BST 2010

I've already edited the gps trace to remove the wibbles and with over 2600 miles of trace I don't think it would be faster to draw over it in Potlatch The preprocessing of replacing the time stamps with identical values doesn't take very long now that I know it can be uploaded that way. It's just one entry at the command line, and one if your favourite text editor. It could even be shortened to one if I knew the regular expression for it.


On 13/10/2010, at 11:21 PM, Shaun McDonald wrote:

> On 12 Oct 2010, at 20:31, Craig Stanton wrote:
>> Yup it worked like a charm. In the end I didn't even need to script it. Just grep out all the lines with a time element, then find and replace to install new time elements with identical values. Does no-one else see this as a bug that I need to modify valid data to get it imported? If it just divided it up into joining ways tI could understand, but actually loosing data is a bug. The points after each cut were missing. 
> Converting a gps trace to a way for use in osm is wrong because it will be having too many points, have wibbles where it should have etc. You should be tracing over that gps trace instead, it would be faster than trying to pre-process it first before taking it into Potlatch and you would get a better end result.
> Shaun
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