[Potlatch-dev] [OpenStreetMap] #4275: Issues adding points in Potlatch 2 -- Correction of similar bug #

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Tue Mar 6 18:10:15 GMT 2012

#4275: Issues adding points in Potlatch 2 -- Correction of similar bug #
 Reporter:  techlady         |       Owner:  potlatch-dev@…                
     Type:  defect           |      Status:  new                           
 Priority:  major            |   Milestone:  OSM 1.0                       
Component:  potlatch2        |     Version:  2.0                           
 Keywords:  Potlatch 2 edit  |  
 Hello bug team,

         I've been having some weird issues when I try to edit. I'm unable
 to edit ways in Potlatch 2. It seems to be similar to the problems
 reported by 4274 on March 4.
         For example, when I try to select a way, it lights up, but I am
 unable to add points. Also, after I do try to add a point, all ways no
 longer light up when I try to select them.
         In addition, when I first open OSM and click on "Edit," not all of
 the street data loads. Sometimes the name of a residential street is
 displayed, but the white line for the street is missing. Also, where there
 is a turning circle, sometimes only the dot for the turning circle is
 visible, but the white line for the short street leading to it is not
         I have tried to edit on two different computers and have gotten
 the same result. On one computer I recently installed a new version of
 Flash, but I'm not sure if the Flash update has been installed on the
 other computer. I use Firefox.
         This happened since the update to the interface that changed the
 look of the first page.
         Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know what's going on?
         Thanks for your help.


 Charlotte Wolter

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