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#4311: Allowing multi-selection on the basis of common tags
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 At the moment I can click on a little drop down menu next to a relation,
 and "select all members". I can even try to be clever by deselecting ones
 that are members of another relation...

 I'd like similar functionality (select/deselect) but based on a tag. So
 for instance I select a way that's one part of a street, and want to
 multi-select all the ways that form that street. I'd envisage being able
 to do that on a dropdown menu next to the name=whatever tag. That would
 query the currently loaded data and multi-select anything that matched.

 That'd only be available in advanced mode, but it would be quite a
 powerful tool. It would get round many of the issues about how additional
 detail (bus routes, cycle provision, bridges, lanes etc etc) break up ways
 into ever-shorter sections.

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