[OpenStreetMap] #4124: Implement better insertion and removal of "[OpenStreetMap] " in mail subjects

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Sat Dec 3 11:55:17 GMT 2011

#4124: Implement better insertion and removal of "[OpenStreetMap] " in mail
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 Currently when sending private messages through the website, the subjects
 of the generated mails are prefixed with "[OpenStreetMap] ". This is nice.

 When anwering such a mail, the mail client will put a "Re: " in front of
 it. While forwarding the message, to the inbox on the website, the
 "[OpenStreetMap] " is stripped. Also nice.

 The Problem begins with the mail that is being generated now for the
 receiver: The subject starts with "[OpenStreetMap] Re:" while "Re:
 [OpenStreetMap] " would be more appropriate, since this was the subject
 after the first reply via mail and is expected to be retained.

 Still worse, when answering this message by mail, the subject becomes "Re:
 [OpenStreetMap] Re:" and the receiving person will get a subject starting
 with "Re: Re: " in the website's inbox and a mail subject starting with
 "[OpenStreetMap] Re: Re: ". Each reply via mail will now add another "Re:

 Suggested enhancement: Insert "[OpenStreetMap] " after "Re: " if it exists
 at the beginning of subject to be sent via mail. Strip "[OpenStreetMap] "
 not only from the beginning of a subject in a received mail, but also
 after "Re :" at the beginning. Search for "Re: " should be case-
 insensitive due to broken mail clients using e. g. "RE: "

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