[OpenStreetMap] #4165: Adding OpenID URL makes log in impossible

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Thu Dec 29 00:54:23 GMT 2011

#4165: Adding OpenID URL makes log in impossible
 Reporter:  emj           |       Owner:  rails-dev@…                
     Type:  defect        |      Status:  new                        
 Priority:  critical      |   Milestone:                             
Component:  website       |     Version:                             
 Keywords:  openid login  |  
 1. create a new user[[BR]]
 2. add an openid url[[BR]]
 3. save[[BR]]


 You are logged out and logging in with password doesn't work. I tested
 this with the user fake_123 and password fake_123.




 Note I could do more work on this report, but I need sleep.

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