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#4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes
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Comment(by Polyglot):

 Replying to [comment:12 Richard]:
 > Blackmail. Awesome!

 Whether you do something about this or not, my bank account will remain in
 the same sorry state it was before. The note tag is used on > 10.000 route
 relations in this way across at least 3 countries for routes of the cycle
 node network. The situation is rapidly getting worse, since the same way
 of tagging is used for hiking/foot and equestrian routes. Those networks
 have many more nodes * ~1.4 routes/node since they work on a finer grid.
 People are resorting to putting what belongs in those note tags into the
 name field, which is incorrect usage of the name tag and thus tagging for
 the 'software used as an editor'. I am in the process of cleaning up these
 route relations and to make them all follow the same rules. The rules that
 have been specified many years ago on the wiki. Not a random page, but all
 the pages describing the CNN rcn relations describe them this way.

 Of course cleaning up is not all that I'm doing with those routes. They
 all get vetted, inspected, corrected and soon it will be able to do
 automatic Quality Control on them. This is already possible for all the
 routes of the entire collection of networks in Belgium. And it works
 great. I find mistake introduced by human editors who recombine ways, or
 who remove members without replacing them. Continuity of those routes is
 checked in two directions, etc.

 So, in part it is my doing that human contributors are looking at
 meaningless large integers and this is why I feel responsible to keep
 stirring in this kettle.

 Also, I don't enjoy having to badmouth your product on the wiki. The least
 I could do, I believe, is to let you know the comment is there. You can
 always remove it from the wiki, if you like.

 So, in the long run, I'm trying to make sure the human contributors have
 an enjoyable experience using Potlatch2 and I wanted to let you know that
 use of another tag has been discussed and has been rejected. So we are all
 stuck with this usage of the note tag, since those routes really don't
 have names. The note tags are there for the human editors contributing to
 the map, so there is nothing insane about their use.

 Jo (probably the last words I'll sully on this subject)

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