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#4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes
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 Replying to [comment:12 Richard]:
 > Blackmail. Awesome!
 (Please, Richard. Blackmail is such an ugly word. ..... )

 I am not sure anything will have much effect now, seeing the turn the
 discussion has taken, but here goes.

 As a loyal Potlatch user (thanks Richard and others) doing work on the
 cycle node networks in The Netherlands, I'd like to say that it would
 actually be helpful to see the data from the note field as well as the
 relation number for our cycle node networks (and the walking networks
 which are node based too).

 Using Note to indicate the to/from node is the established way of doing
 this for the networks in Holland, Belgium and parts of Germany. It wasn't
 just some random mapper who messed things up with yet more wiki fiddling.

 The note is there to help ''mappers'' find and work with the right
 relation. I personally prefer to do that in Potlatch where I can see what
 I am doing (but that's just me). I disagree with the "it belongs in the
 name" argument: these are node networks; a route in a node network here
 simply doesn't have a ''name'' like "23-32"; it's just a line on a map
 between two nodes and a series of signs on the roadside directing you from
 one node to the other. The networks, now they have names, written on the
 information boards and road signage.

 Mitigating factors: Having said all that, I must admit that with the aid
 of a pencil and pad to note the relation number in play, I actually used
 Potlatch 1.4 (and still do) to map hundreds of these things. As long as my
 short-term memory holds up, I can remember the last three digits when I
 need to pick the right relation from the list. So I've found a way to live
 without it. (For some time I tracked everything in a spreadsheet on a
 second monitor as well, but I realise this is overkill.) Where a name does
 come in handy is if you need to do some quick maintenance on a route which
 has changed (or been messed up).

 So, yes, please do consider it. (Or at least find other arguments: with
 respect, this is not abuse of the note field, imho).

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