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#4017: Naming relations for hike and bike node network routes
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 It's not as insane as it may seem. Those notes are there to help the
 (human) editors of the cycle node routes. The connections between the
 nodes in these networks simply don't have a name. The nodes are identified
 by a number. The connections between them are referred to as xx-yy, but
 they are not ref(erence)s either.

 This has been decided many years ago and has been done consistently in at
 least 3 countries. The fact is that it is extremely inconvenient to edit
 these relations with Potlatch. Another fact is that it is not very easy to
 wean people working on those routes off of Potlatch, so it would be nice
 if Potlatch could help out its users by doing what JOSM has been doing for
 years now: show the note tag when no name tag is present.

 A fallback from   name TO ref TO note

 in that order is all that is needed. I don't expect there to be demand for
 more than that.

 It would be a great service to the users of Potlatch(2) and it's less
 INSANE than it may seem.

 Just my 2 cents.


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