[OpenStreetMap] #3407: popups not staying on the home locations map display

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Sun Oct 30 14:59:27 GMT 2011

#3407: popups not staying on the home locations map display
 Reporter:  Harry Wood       |       Owner:  rails-dev@…                
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Changes (by mvexel):

 * cc: mvexel (removed)


 Replying to [comment:4 TomH]:
 > I don't see anything on that which says you're not supposed to send a
 pull request?

 No, but it does explain all the other steps involved in getting a fork,
 changing, adding, committing. So leaving out the pull request bit is an
 implicit 'don't do that'.

 > Moving on to the substance of the patch, I haven't tried it yet, but it
 looks like with that patch is applied there is nothing to remove popups,
 so they will just wind up proliferating until they are all open?

 If a new popup appears, any old ones that are still open will disappear.
 This may be some standard OL setting, I didn't expect it to be this simple

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