Rails Port hosting Qs

Jeff Meyer jeff at gwhat.org
Sat Dec 15 00:01:06 GMT 2012

Anyone have any advice on hosting the Rails Port?

I'm looking at setting up a sandbox for Historical OSM and am both
impressed and daunted by the range of hosting options available. I've
installed it on AWS, but it seems a little on the steep side ($$) for 24x7

I realize every option has strengths & weaknesses but am hoping to avoid
any mistakes that would be obvious to the adept.

I'm leaning toward a VPS type of setup on something like Linode (
www.linode.com - 1GB plan). VPS seems to provide flexibility that some of
the rails-specific hosting sites limit, as well as being generally cheaper.
I'm planning to seed the db with shoreline information & not much else.

Any lessons learned, experiences, etc. will be added to the wiki.


Jeff Meyer
Global World History Atlas
jeff at gwhat.org
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