[OpenStreetMap] #1612: allow map call spanning 180th meridian

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#1612: allow map call spanning 180th meridian
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Comment (by woodpeck):

 It is not too difficult to modify the API to return data for bboxes that
 cross the dateline (I made a start here https://github.com/woodpeck
 /openstreetmap-website/tree/bbox-cross-dateline but this doesn't cover
 cgimap or AMF). Having clients handle this does mean that *all* clients
 have to implement it and it also means less efficient querying.

 But I guess this is much more than just a "can the API handle this"
 question. I suspect that if you created a way that went from (179.99,0) to
 (-179.99,0), most clients (editors as well as renderers) would draw a
 40,075 km line along the equator. And why exactly would this be wrong?

 Perhaps it isn't the worst thing that creating such ways is currently very
 difficult ;)

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