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#4293: User account vanished
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 I did change my description to include a link to my home web presence and
 a wikipedia presence.  I did not ever see a reference to contact the
 webmaster for assistance, nor any indication of suspension.  I've just
 searched through my email again, spam, trash, etc, and found no reference
 to any such recommendation.  Further, upon attempting login, there was
 again no indication of suspension or suggestion to contact a "webmaster".

 Reopening only to help diagnose a confusing situation which confused both
 a new and experienced user.  What caused the suspension and why was that
 not caught in a more graceful manner?  What did we both miss in
 identifying the problem?  Where was the notification?  How can this be
 made more user friendly?

 Looking forward to contributing, thanks for your help.

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