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#4322: Multiple users with same username
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 Recently, another user has signed up with my old username, FK270673.

 That's no problem for me, he may use it, but I think it may confuse some
 users who want to contact me and got his account instead.

 I have decided to continue as anonymous mapper as I don't support the way
 how the licence change was brought forward by one week without asking the
 active mapping community.

 However, my concern is rather how to reach a mapper who has changed his
 username. El Segundo can't win (-> Here is the repulsant snozzcumber!) or
 Nakor (-> Gone) are more examples of changed usernames.

 Is it possible to create a notice or redirect for former usernames? Of
 course, only if my alter ego accepts :-)

 By the way, user Frank# cannot be reached by personal messages, probably
 because of the # in his username.

 Yours, with best regards

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