[openstreetmap-website] Fix re-opening of the data layer (#38)

apmon reply+i-3908553-ac4736d1b6d927d0c744f78d2dda3f1b8a212188-1419053 at reply.github.com
Sat Mar 31 06:21:39 BST 2012

browse/start.js.erb redefined the function showData from index.html.erb, which prevented
the data layer from being reopened after closing it.

Rename showData to updateData in start.js.erb to resolve the clash

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  git pull https://github.com/apmon/openstreetmap-website layer-fix

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-- Commit Summary --

* Fix re-opening of the data layer

-- File Changes --

M app/views/browse/start.js.erb (6)

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