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#4401: Copyright - Attribution - Land Tirol
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 Another OGD source that needs to be named at the copyright page:

 Could you please add this to http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright/en

 Austria: Contains data from Stadt Wien under CC BY, Land Vorarlberg,
 '''Land Tirol  (lizenziert gemäß CC BY AT samt Erweiterungen zur

 The link for the whole text in brackets:

 They want us to have it ''exactly'' like that.

 BTW. the text in brackets means "licensed according to CC BY AT, including
 the extensions to the licence"). The named extensions require us to
 announce that we shall be using their data (done) and that they have the
 right to publish this fact.

 '''Please also update the german version.'''

 Thank you

 Boris Cornet aka borisC

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