[OpenStreetMap] #4408: The ability to link diretly to search results

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Mon May 14 23:35:14 BST 2012

#4408: The ability to link diretly to search results
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 If i search, i get a very useful arrow that point where i need to zoom in
 so that i can find what i am looking for.

 But if i want to copy and paste, so that i can show somebody the same
 stuff, all i get it`s a zoom out picture without the arrow, making it near
 impossible for him to understand what i want to show on the map.

 This obliges me when i want to give the location of a event, an address,
 etc to copy the map, edit it in photoshop or paint, and put it on
 facebook, or my blog,etc so that people can understand. This make it very
 non-interactive for the users, and time-consuming for me.

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