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#4602: User page incorrect traces count
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Comment (by TomH):

 The first thing to understand is that those counters are cached, and as
 such are relative, so if they ever get out of sync with reality they will
 stay out of sync because each time a trace is uploaded the cached counter
 is simply incremented by one etc.

 I can assure you that deleted traces really are deleted - there are none
 in the database for you at the moment and resyncing your counter has reset
 it to zero.

 I suspect I know how the trace counter is getting out of sync when you
 delete a trace and I will look into that.

 As to changesets, I'm not sure what you are seeing there given that there
 is no way to delete a changeset. In any case it will be a separate problem
 so if there is an issue there it should be raised separately.

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