[OpenStreetMap] #4613: Installing fresh openstreetmap database fails

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#4613: Installing fresh openstreetmap database fails
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Comment (by jfire):

 That particular error indicates you need to install the btree_gist
 extension. For Postgres > 9 the command is `psql -d openstreetmap -c
 "CREATE EXTENSION btree_gist;"`.

 In general you want to be running `rake db:setup` to initialize a new
 development database rather than `rake db:migrate`, which will create the
 database from `db/schema.rb` or `db/structure.sql` (the latter, in the
 case of the OSM Rails app). Unfortunately, our `db/structure.sql`has some
 hard-coded paths which need to be adjusted in order to run successfully.
 This took me a while to figure out when I was first getting going. It
 would make things easier for new contributors if we could customize the
 `db:setup` task such that it worked out of the box, perhaps by generating
 `db/structure.sql` from a `db/structure.sql.erb` file. However, that would
 also necessitate either manually editing `db/structure.sql.erb` when the
 schema changes, or also customizing the `db:structure:dump` task to write
 the .erb file.

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