[openstreetmap-website] Use ejs templates in browse JS (#127)

John Firebaugh notifications at github.com
Thu Oct 11 19:22:18 GMT 2012

There are a few other JS-related cleanups in this PR, but
the main commit replaces the tedious manual DOM manipulation
with EJS templates.

EJS is sort of the lowest common denominator JS templating
language. It would be fairly easy to port to mustache or
something if anyone has a strong preference. I've purposefully
kept the templates pretty much logic-free.

You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull https://github.com/jfirebaugh/openstreetmap-website js

Or you can view, comment on it, or merge it online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Move export-related JS to export.js
  * Move browse-related JS to browse.js
  * Use proj/unproj consistently
  * Use ejs templates in browse JS

-- File Changes --

M Gemfile (1)
M Gemfile.lock (2)
M app/assets/javascripts/browse.js (2)
M app/assets/javascripts/index.js (18)
M app/assets/javascripts/index/browse.js (822)
M app/assets/javascripts/index/export.js (480)
M app/assets/javascripts/map.js.erb (2)
A app/assets/javascripts/templates/browse/feature.jst.ejs (19)
A app/assets/javascripts/templates/browse/feature_history.jst.ejs (15)
A app/assets/javascripts/templates/browse/feature_list.jst.ejs (9)

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