[openstreetmap-website] Increase cachablility for individual OSM elements on the API (#129)

emacsen notifications at github.com
Thu Oct 11 20:42:07 GMT 2012

Currently, OSM objects in the API appear at /api/.../{node|way|relation}/id

and there is /api/.../{node|way|relation}/id/version

A specific object version is immutable. Once an object is set, it cannot be modified under the same version.

This means that this url is completely cachable. I believe we specify that cacheablity now in the headers, if not- we should.

Unfortunately, most per-object calls do not include the version number, so they cannot be cached.

I suggest that the non-versioned call return a HTTP 303 (See Other) call which directs the http client to the current version.

This would also effect the .../full call, which would need to be modified sightly to support the new format.

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