Notes Branch

Tom Hughes tom at
Sun Oct 14 15:42:14 GMT 2012

As agreed at last weeks EWG meeting I have now pushed my notes branch 
out into the world. The code is here:

and a live version is running at:

the notes layer is currently turned on from the edit menu, and new notes 
can be added using the link in the bottom right (which will also turn on 
the notes layer) when you are zoomed in enough.

Current issues which we probably need to think about:

   * Control to turn it on is a bit hidden at the moment

   * No way to turn it off again

   * Notes don't have a title at the moment

   * Whether to allow anonymous users

   * If we are going to allow anonymous users then we need
     to add a name field to bug entry and commenting - the
     schema already supports it, the JS just doesn't expose
     it at the moment.


Tom Hughes (tom at

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