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Tom Hughes tom at
Mon Oct 15 20:22:41 GMT 2012

On 15/10/12 17:03, Paweł Paprota wrote:

> * When adding a note, the marker is hard to pick up - you have to really
> move the mouse cursor to its center to start dragging.

This is an OpenLayers thing really, but I haven't really tried to see if 
I can improve it at all because there isn't much point if we're going to 
switch to Leaflet anyway.

> * The "Close" button label is a bit misleading - I thought it closes the
> pop-up but it closed the note itself.

When creating a new note you mean? Well there didn't seem to be much 
point keeping an unsaved note around.

At one point the new note popup didn't have the close icon and instead a 
cancel button next to the add button at the bottom, but I decided to 
move to the current scheme to make it match the main popup better.


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