Activity Stream (a.k.a. "social" OSM) - demo instance

Paweł Paprota ppawel at
Tue Oct 16 13:56:22 GMT 2012

On 10/16/2012 03:44 PM, Alex Barth wrote:
> Very interesting.
> Activities seems to be going for replacing the history tab - am I seeing this right? I was expecting activity streams an expansion of the 'your friends' feed on my user profile. I. e. while on the history tab I get a complete changeset listing, on Activities I see summaries of people or places I'm interested in (how the latter would work is not fleshed out at all atm in OSM). I'd like to understand better where you see activity streams falling between functionality we now accomodate under the History tab and the friend feed.

I added the Activity tab simply on a whim :-) Activity Server as it is 
can serve an activity stream in different formats for different scopes, 

1. For a given bounding box (Activity tab)
2. For a given activity actor (author of the activity)
3. For a given activity recipient ("my own activity stream" as I call 
it) - not yet fully implemented

I will be focusing more on (2) and (3) now that the demo instance is 
more or less up and running. The idea is to provide a personal "wall" / 
activity stream for each user and also a "third party view" activity 
stream - when looking at someone's user page there are currently 
activities of that person listed.

Another thing is what you mention as "places I'm interested in" - there 
are some tickets for that in Trac and I think this definitely needs to 
be built. Activity Server side of things is ready - "place I'm 
interested in" is just a bounding box after all so it's not a problem to 
retrieve an activity stream for such places, potentially even for many 
places at once and get one unified view - a lot of possibilities now 
that the backend is in place.

As for the History tab - we discussed this briefly yesterday on the EWG 
meeting as there is a Top Ten Task for implementing an "OWL-powered 
history/activity tab". As I see it, History could just be a more 
"advanced" view of the Activity - showing changesets with all the gory 
details such as links to OsmChange XML etc. I don't think those two 
thinks conflict with each other - it's only a matter of putting it all 
together and avoiding UI clutter.


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