[openstreetmap-website] Write and use jsonp api for nominatim for the rails port (#80)

apmon notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 4 21:08:35 BST 2012

If there is only one search backend, would you be OK with the search going directly from the client to nominatim and not through the rails_port?

I am wondering as (if I remember correctly) one of your main comments / complaints about the original routing integration into osm.org was that it called the routing engine backend directly from the client javascript code. I never quite understood why it was preferable to route everything through the rails backend, but because of that Frederik rewrote the routing integration to redirect everything through the rails_port code.

Did Frederik and I misunderstand you back then? Or has your opinion on this changed? Or is the routing code a different situation that doesn't compare to this one?

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