[openstreetmap-website] Write and use jsonp api for nominatim for the rails port (#80)

Sarah Hoffmann notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 5 13:21:31 BST 2012

Speaking for the Nominatim part only: Main issue with that is the descriptive term in front of the search result. Nominatim only delivers a class/type pair (i.e. the key and value of the main tag) which is translated and localized into the descriptive term by rails. So, in order to get this on the client side, you'd have to translate half the locale ymls to javascript.

There is this vague idea in my head to move the entire logic about descriptions into Nominatim but it needs some investigating if that is feasible (and wanted, for that matter). May I suggest you hold off rewriting the rails code until I've had time to look into that?

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