[openstreetmap-website] Refactor view and css code around homepage links. This adds a new (#83)

Tom MacWright notifications at github.com
Thu Sep 6 15:02:54 BST 2012

Part of the view reformmating was inspired by the HAML conversation - there aren't many rules about how views are formatted, and it leads to them being rather hard to deal with.

My indentation rule is very simple: HTML is indented 2 spaces, so should all code in the file, with 2 spaces from the previous line - not from the end of the function name - being the indent. In a lot of cases in this file, ruby was, for some reason, indented 4 spaces. Aligning with initial argument doesn't seem to fit any pattern for me, it's not used in the Javascript code nor Ruby afaik in the site.

That, and the classic trying-to-break-lines-at-80chars rule.

Blank lines I could go either way.

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