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Mon Dec 2 07:18:23 UTC 2013

#5052: New gui user menu suggestion
 Reporter:  grin                     |      Owner:  rails-dev@…
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 Keywords:  website, traces, upload  |
 The new (and the one before) gui contains logged in user as a menu, which
 pulls down a short menu.

 Contains: inbox, setting, profile, go home, logout.

 I often upload GPS traces and right now I have to go the route: profile ->
 (wait for it) -> traces -> (wait a wee bit longer to see the list) ->
 upload trace. Would be nice to have an "upload trace" option there,
 similar to the "edit the map" shortcut above.

 By the way it'd be useful to have trace upload form to point to a wiki
 article explaining how to and how not to upload traces, what's expected
 and what's not. (Like http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Upload_GPS_tracks

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