[openstreetmap-website] Relation map display occurs after cues to user suggest that page is complete (#589)

SomeoneElseOSM notifications at github.com
Mon Dec 2 10:45:38 UTC 2013

I noticed this with:


In a clean browser session (chrome on windows 7, all history cleared) I get a display of the ways in the relation after about 4 seconds.  That part of the page load is accompanied by "waiting for www.openstreetmap.org" at the bottom of the screen.  Over at the right whatever map I was looking at last is displayed (or in the case of a clean browser session, a low zoom map centred on GB).

After that, for another minute or so, nothing happens.  Then the relation itself is rendered, and the map at the right centres on the relation.  Unfortunately, there's no feedback to the user that this is going to happen.  If they were looking at a series of objects there is no way to know just from looking at the screen whether the map display actually matches relation details that the user asked for.

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