[OpenStreetMap] #5050: ?bbox= links to osm.org no longer work

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#5050: ?bbox= links to osm.org no longer work
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Comment (by Robert Whittaker):

 Even if not many people use it, it is arguably still a very useful feature
 to have. (It's lack of use was probably due to a lack of documentation.)
 As well as being able to link to an area, and guarantee that the area
 would be zoomed appropriately on an unknown screen size, the feature also
 allowed you to draw a box on the screen to outline an area. I have sites
 that used both of these features (one aimed at OSM mappers and one at the
 general public), and my links are now broken.

 It appears that there is still code in place to allow the map to show and
 zoom to a particular bounding box, as it's used by the changeset view:
 http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/19211206 , just not to parse those
 particular URLs.

 Is there are alternative URL format that will provide the functionality
 here (i.e. can I update my links to some other format)? Or has the code to
 interpret the URLs been removed altogether? If the latter, were there any
 particular reasons for doing so (i.e. would you be likely to accept a
 patch to restore it)?

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