[openstreetmap-website] When the data layer is turned on and an item is clicked on, the map recentres, losing the context. (#629)

SomeoneElseOSM notifications at github.com
Thu Dec 5 21:29:28 UTC 2013

Imagine that I'm here:


I'd like to know what the two viewpoints are.  I therefore click on one of them.  The URL changes to


but unfortunately the map zooms right in on that node - in order to find the other viewpoint I need to zoom back out and move to the area of the map that I was interested again before clicking on the other one.  It's annoying as typically when you're displaying map data it's to look at several things, not just one.  Other problems of this approach is that (depending on the information density and zoom level) it can take a while to redisplay all the data (in that example it's around 6 seconds at zoom 15 - in a city it'd be longer).

The back button almost works, but when I use it I get the following successive "zoomed out" URLS:



(moving to the east every time).

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