[OpenStreetMap] #5063: website title doesn't reset after leaving a note

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Mon Dec 9 05:39:43 UTC 2013

#5063: website title doesn't reset after leaving a note
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 Steps to reproduce:
 1. Load up the following page:
 http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/34.7012/-82.8043&layers=N - The title
 for it is "OpenStreetMap".
 2. Now, click on the only note in the view. Now the title for the page is
 "OpenStreetMap | Note: 83274".
 3. Now close the "note" box by clicking the "X" in the note box.

 What should happen:
 The website title should be "OpenStreetMap" again.

 What happens:
 It's still "OpenStreetMap | Note: 83274".

 This is happening in both IE-10 and Firefox 26.

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