[OpenStreetMap] #5055: ?box=yes links to osm.org no longer work after the UI down...change

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#5055: ?box=yes links to osm.org no longer work after the UI down...change
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Comment (by Robert Whittaker):

 I previously made use of this functionality, e.g. in links to point to a
 specific section of a National Cycle Network Route, such as
 and I'm disappointed that it was removed without any consultation.

 I would regard such functionality as a simple extension of the ability to
 link to an OSM.org map with a particular point highlighted by a marker.
 This is part of the "share" functionality, achieved by adding mlat=* and
 mlon=* in the URL. No-one would try claiming that that is something that
 end-users should go to a third-party site for. Indeed, previous UI
 changes, even introduced a UI for adding the marker, so end-users didn't
 have to hack the URL to get it.

 Linking to a basic rectangular area is also quite fundamental, and is
 something I believe OSM should support. The fact that there is a "share"
 button in the right-hand bar shows how important it is considered to allow
 the sharing of links to OSM -- presumably because we value the exposure.
 Restoring this functionality will give people another reason to link to
 OSM. (Not to mention restoring the previous behaviour that people expect
 from existing links and bookmarks with box=yes.)

 As mentioned above, the argument about maintaining code is rather suspect,
 given that the ability to draw such boxes on the map must still present in
 the code (for the changeset and history views. Restoring the functionality
 should therefore just be a matter of interpreting the box=yes part of URL,
 and calling the relevant existing function in the code. Or am I missing
 something here?

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