[openstreetmap-website] History page approximates bbox parameter (#641)

Eugene Alvin Villar notifications at github.com
Mon Dec 9 15:57:47 UTC 2013

@tomhughes, I did mention about HTTP redirects, if you had *bothered* to comprehend my comment.

And it was exactly by investigating the XHR call that I discovered the list=1 parameter. I noticed that you can load the list of changesets by itself with list=1, otherwise it would be interpreted as a full page view.

There's no reliable way to instruct the web server that you wanted a list fragment or a full-page-with-map when viewing some list of changesets because HTTP is stateless, so you needed to have different URLs and that's why the list=1 parameter was added. While the list=1 parameter is not guaranteed, I'm quite sure that you would always need a different URL to make that distinction and this different URL is always discoverable by examining the JavaScript.

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