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#5075: Embed-code contains wrong letters
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Comment (by Jonathan Bennett):

 Replying to [comment:2 colin.smale@…]:
 > I am not so sure that that is always true ...

 Yes, it is, and the very article you reference points this out and
 explains the most common mistake of pasting an HTML encoded link directly
 into a browser's address bar:

 "The encoding of & as & is required in HTML, not in the link. When the
 browser sees the & in the HTML source for a link it will interpret it
 as an ampersand and the link target will be as intended. If you paste a
 URL into your browser address bar it does not expect it to be HTML and
 does not try to interpret any HTML encoding that it may contain. This is
 why your example links that you suggest we should copy/paste into a
 browser don't work and why we wouldn't expect them to work."

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