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#5082: Coordinate display for node browe pages: Decimal separator should not be
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 background: https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/29190/whats-the-

 [http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/418218760 test URL]

 * Currently (in German interface): 49,9673353, 8,8385462
 * Suggested (like in the English interface): 49.9673353, 8.8385462

 In the current UI the decimal separator of the coordinates is a "," in
 German (maybe in other translations, too). While it is correct in
 principle (e.g. 123,45 €) it creates problems for the coordinate display

 * Copy&Paste into data files or applications (e.g. URL parameters, .gpx
 files, .osm files) is harder because they usually expect a "." (decimal
 point) as separator.
 * It is confusing to read because, at least currently, the lat-lon
 separator is also a "," (comma). This problem could also be solved by
 using another separator here (e.g. a ";" or "/") - which would create
 possibly even more usability problems.
 * The German translation of JOSM does not translate the decimal separator
 (it is noted  that the point input feature somehow seems to even
 understand the current version). The German interface of my (old) Garmin
 also does not translate the decimal separator.

 Since the use of a translated decimal separator creates problems, I
 suggest to simply not translate it. Those users who use the node browse
 pages should be used to decimal separators in coordinates.

 A JavaScript-based workaround] (having a better coordinate display while
 still being on the German interface)

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