Overpass popup patch

Paweł Paprota ppawel at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 21 09:03:29 GMT 2013

Hi Roland,

Just a quick notes from my side:

* AFAICS the popup is rendered server-side in Overpass and its contents
are returned in the AJAX response. IMHO the AJAX query should just
return JSON with POI information and popup should be rendered in Rails
Port using a EJS template - this will allow to reuse i18n, tag symbols
and tag names (so instead of amenity=pub you can show internationalized
name for that tag - the translations are already there and used by the
new History tab for example).

* Right now every click causes the popup to be displayed with "Loading
data..." and then even if there's no information it stays there - I
think that's kind of annoying from usability perspective. Ideally it
would be solved like in Google Maps where you have hit boxes - the
cursor changes from "cursor: default" to "cursor: pointer" and the user
knows which parts of the map are clickable. Not sure how feasible this
is with Overpass though...

* Quick look at the code - I think you should use JQuery for AJAX and
DOM handling.


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