[openstreetmap-website] regressions on mobile (#199)

Martin Raifer notifications at github.com
Mon Jan 21 10:07:31 GMT 2013

There are some recently introduced regressions when browsing www.openstreetmap.org with mobile browsers:

1. "login / signup" links are slightly larger than the rest of the text and can overlap the tabs when the screen is small enough. This is even wore when one is logged in. I think those links were meant to be displayed in the top right corner?
2. the arrow-down symbol of the "Edit" tab is not displayed.
3. zoom buttons and layer switcher have a too large top-margin.
4. zoom buttons apparently shows +/- symbols twice and overlapping.
5. permalink/shortlink bar cut off on opera mobile
6. panning and zooming the map does not work on opera mobile (note that panning/zooming is only broken on the main page - it works for example on the mini-maps of changesets).

Some other issues with mobile / small screen devices:

* there is no search bar.
* "Browse Map Data", "Search Results" ([e.g.](http://www.openstreetmap.org/?query=asd)) and "Export" modes are hardly usable and could be either redesigned or disabled until then.

Here are some screenshots (Android 4.1.2, Nexus S):

default android browser:
Opera Mobile 12.10:

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