[openstreetmap-website] Whitespace in history display (#203)

pnorman notifications at github.com
Fri Jan 25 19:36:08 GMT 2013

Reported via IRC.

The whitespace on the history display page causes the list of recent changesets to extend far enough down that when viewing them the map is largely off the screen. This makes it difficult to view the bounding boxes for those changesets.

This issue is not present in the history beta.

Attached is a screenshot from Chrome on a 1080p display. The issue would be worse on a a more common (i.e. smaller) resolution.


Relevant IRC log:

11:10 < trigpoint> Don't like what has happened to the history page
11:11 < trigpoint> The list of changes is so long, you can't see the bottom ones at the same time as the map
11:12 < ppawel> trigpoint, use history tab premium edition... http://owl.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/
11:17 < trigpoint> ppawel: that better
11:18 < trigpoint> I think the one on the main site has been laid out for a portrait format screen
11:19 < pnorman> trigpoint: it's the new enchancements that have increased overall white space
11:24 < trigpoint> pnorman: how are they enhancements? they have made it unusable
11:28 < pnorman> trigpoint: browser and resolution?
11:34 < ToeBee> it's true. If you scroll down, the map is no longer visible

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