[OpenStreetMap] #4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view

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Wed Jun 5 10:26:38 UTC 2013

#4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view
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Comment (by gs25):

 Ok, but by setting the status to "wontfix" you are sending the message
 that this won't happen (or indeed shouldn't be allowed to happen).  I have
 found maybe 3 related tickets for this issue, the first one being from 4
 years ago.  So, someone suggested it would be a good idea then, but it is
 also marked "wontfix".

 I never suggested that you had a crack squad of coders standing idly by
 until someone suggested something interesting for them to do, however if
 requests like this are marked "wontfix" then a volunteer who is interested
 in implementing it will see that it is not to be done.

 I had a very quick look at the code, and it seems that 'Permalink' relies
 on an inbuilt function in OpenLayers, so generating a marker might also
 require something added into OpenLayers, which is probably complicated.
 However, it might be possible to have a tiny piece of javascript that
 fetches the permalink URL and does a string substitution of lon/lat with
 mlon/mlat and returns the new string.

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