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#4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view
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Comment (by gs25):

 Point taken, but I didn't add the ticket because I thought surely one more
 ticket would make it happen.  I came up with the idea independently and
 canvassed support on the mailing list, with a very positive response.  I
 have since found other discussions of the same idea on mailing lists and
 forums, all expressing a desire for this feature.

 I have made a local copy the page source for the OSM slippy map, and
 edited it to add absolute instead of relative paths to the scripts etc.  I
 added a 'markerlink' link, and wrote a tiny piece of javascript to do
 string substitution (replace lat/lon with mlat/mlon).  What I want to do
 is to make the 'markerlink' fetch the 'permalink' URL and pass it to the
 string substitution function, it doesn't work yet but I am still fiddling
 with that.

 I also found some of your (?) code here:

 I assume the 'permalinkanchor' code has been moved somewhere else, but can
 it be copied/pasted/edited like this?:

 node = $("markerlinkanchor");
 if (node) {
   var args = getArgs(node.href);
   args["mlat"] = lat;
   args["mlon"] = lon;
   args["zoom"] = zoom;
   if (layers) {
     args["layers"] = layers;
   if (objtype && objid) {
     args[objtype] = objid;
   node.href = setArgs(node.href, args);

 I know you are not supportive of this idea, but thank you for discussing

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