[OpenStreetMap] #4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view

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Sat Jun 8 15:14:07 UTC 2013

#4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view
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Comment (by woodpeck):

 I think the best way to make this happen is by providing a suitable option
 in the "Export" tab, as has been suggested to you already. The fact that
 you can find 10 people who say "yeah would be nice" is not enough
 justification to clutter the main map view with more features (the
 shortlink and permalink are already one too many).

 Have you thought about the fact that people will surely want to move the
 marker after it has been placed (because it will be placed at the centre
 of the current map view and people have no visual indication where that
 centre is exactly)? We'd either have to provide a way to move the marker,
 or at least provide visual indication (e.g. when hovering over the
 placement button or so).

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